Urban development

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Urban planing

We provide strategic development solutions for large areas with integration of urban spaces and promoting balanced, livable communities that enrich cities. Through analysis, we propose options for sustainable and inclusive real estate development with a strong emphasis on sustainability and green spaces.

Urban studies

We create development options for urban projects for both brownfield and greenfield sites. Using our systematic design approach and advanced software we deliver building mass variations and conducts comprehensive studies across different scales of development. This guarantees informed decision-making for urban projects of all sizes.

Feasibility studies

As part of the fesability study, we prepare quantified information that supports efficiency and design decisions. Our studies include diverse aspects, such as effective surface utilization of each building, construction options, sustainability considerations, and project cost estimation. This comprehensive approach ensures predictability and well-prepared documentation for all subsequent development stages.

Sustainable and human-scale urbanistic solutions

Dedicated to sustainable and inclusive urbanism while placing a strong emphasis on public spaces and design that improves everyday life.

Urban development: Strategic development.

Urban studies: Site plan and quantified information.

Urban development: Building massing using advanced AI- software.

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