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80 m²

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The basis of the interior design was focused on maximizing the use of space with a clear volumetric design of the furniture, which touches the walls from floor to ceiling in all rooms. The central space remains empty, housing only a dining table and a sofa set. Due to the specific square shape of the central space, the design of the kitchen table is reconsidered in a way that it becomes a hybrid of a kitchen island and an extension of the dining table for six people. The color and material palette is restrained, with shades of natural wood combining with gray and white surfaces. The solid surfaces of the furniture cabinets are emphasized with engraved grooves.

The kitchen, as the largest furniture element, is composed of a long low counter and a cross-placed built-in cabinet with a refrigerator and freezer. The hood is integrated into a solid hanging cabinet with a display case that is placed on the wall as a standalone element. The interior design is emphasized in details such as copper handles on the bedroom cabinets, black lights, and color accents on smaller pieces of furniture, such as the wall-mounted mini bar.

Services we provided

  • Conceptual design & spatial organization
  • Execution Planning & Material Definition
  • Execution control and supervision

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