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Flexibility and division of the terrain were the central concepts that guided the spatial design of the atrium house. The sloping terrain is cleverly utilized to create distinct spatial environments and separate functional areas within the house. Architecturally, the house is thoughtfully divided into a load-bearing backbone façade that seamlessly integrates with the existing terrain and an open facade that extends towards the garden, providing captivating views of the surroundings.

Within these walls, a wooden skeleton structure is incorporated, allowing for an open floor plan while contributing to the overall character of the house. The roof planes are strategically positioned on the supports, alternating to allow sunlight to access the atrium from the south and create a dynamic and inviting interior space.

Services we provided

  • Design development
  • Construction permit acquisition
  • Execution planning
  • Construction site supervision

Project associates

  • Navor d.o.o.

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