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290 m²

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The house is situated in a rural environment on a plot of gently sloping terrain. Its architectural design incorporates a semi-sunken floor that serves as a base with service areas. The ground floor, where the living spaces are located, consists of alternating volumes and voids with large window openings, creating open and bright living spaces. Moving to the attic floor, you'll find the bedrooms, accompanied by a symmetrical gable roof that extends over the ground floor.

In terms of materials, the house utilizes rough plaster for the semi-sunken floor, lime plaster for the ground floor, which pays homage to traditional construction methods, and wooden cladding for the attic. Despite the traditional volumetric design of the house, its layout is distinctly modern, open, and interconnected.

Services we provided

  • Design development
  • Construction permit acquisition
  • Execution planning
  • Construction site supervision

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