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170 m²

Year of completion


The design of the house represents a balance between typical suburban architecture and an ambitious contemporary interior. The project aimed to create a warm and timeless ambiance by incorporating recurring wooden elements and a neutral color scheme. The house layout is thoughtfully designed with separate living and functional wings. The staircase, designed as a wooden partition element with an integrated fireplace, acts as the divider between the two wings and extends up to the first floor.

The living area features a built-in fireplace adjacent to the sofa, a dining table positioned by the window, and a kitchen with an island at the entrance. The use of wooden accents carries through to the other rooms of the house. In the home office, a built-in wooden desk embraces the corner of the room and functions as a support for bookshelves. In the upper-floor bedroom, the headboard wall is designed as a slatted canvas, against which the bed appears to float, extending as an extension of the wooden wall in the white room.

Services we provided

  • Conceptual design & spatial organization
  • Execution Planning & Material Definition
  • Execution control and supervision

Awards and recognitions

  • Big see interior design award 2020 - winner

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