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5300 m²

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The project aim is to create a neighborhood with a distinct identity and visibility within the surrounding area. A single building volume is proposed for the southern edge of the location, adapting to urban restrictions. The design responds to the location's boundaries and sky orientation. The narrower side faces the existing built environment in the north, while the building expands towards the green surroundings in the south and east. The external envelope of the building is unified, while the internal one is distinctly articulated. The folding of the internal envelope follows the logic of directing views towards the green areas of the location and utilizing southern light.

Apartments on the western facade have south-facing balconies, while the eastern facade features articulated balconies as extensions of living spaces. The volume thus acquires two distinctly different characters. Towards the west, it forms a homogeneous street facade with balconies, while towards the south and east, it folds, creating balconies and terraces oriented towards the green surroundings. The transformation and articulation of the building mass enables optimal lighting of living spaces and diverse outdoor areas. All apartments in the building have their own external areas.

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  • Urban planning
  • Urban studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design development

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