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The adaptive reuse project of the power plant involves a comprehensive renovation, transforming it into an iconic visitor center. With Europe's tallest chimney at 367.5 meters, the site offers an immersive educational experience showcasing the history of electricity generation. The chimney has been transformed into a remarkable visitor attraction, featuring three platforms at 160m, 260m, and 360m heights. Visitors can access each platform through various means, including a climbing wall, a mountain step ladder track, and a zip line.

The former power unit now functions as an educational museum, highlighting the transition to sustainable energy production. The minimalist architectural design showcases the building's inherent beauty and provides a dynamic journey. Rainwater collection, geothermal wells, solar panels, surface heating/cooling, and recycled elements contribute to a holistic and sustainable approach. The revitalization project of the Trbovlje thermal power plant serves as a model for repurposing industrial heritage and promoting sustainability. It exemplifies the potential of environmentally-friendly renovations and serves as a blueprint for future sustainable developments.

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