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The house is located on a pristine location on the Slovenian coast, situated on a hill overlooking the sea. The biggest value of the house lies in the fact that the view from the living room is oriented directly to the horizon, with no boundaries obstructing the view. The existing state of the house was outdated and in need of full refurbishment. The main construction intervention was the replacement of existing windows and the introduction of a three-part panoramic floor-to-ceiling glazing that captures the view in its full dimension.

The material palette of the interior design consists of warm gray tones, complemented with natural stone accents. The positioning of the furniture is done in a way that from every functional element - the kitchen, living room, and dining area - there is an unobstructed view towards the sea. The design is intentionally reserved in its expression, emphasizing the main element, which is the surrounding nature of the house, taking center focus.

Services we provided

  • Conceptual design & spatial organization
  • Execution Planning & Material Definition
  • Execution control and supervision

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