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380 m²

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The modern villa on the Croatian island of Krk is situated on a sloping plot and consists of three levels: a basement with a driveway and garage, a ground floor with living spaces, and a first floor with bedrooms. The atrium floor plan takes the shape of the letter V, with the pool nestled between its arms, offering a stunning sea view. A series of cantilevered slabs provides shaded terraces and adds articulation to the exterior of the building. Retaining walls are defined by stone cladding enhanced with lush Mediterranean greenery. The ground floor is dedicated to the living spaces, while the upper floor houses private bedrooms, each with its own terrace and panoramic sea view.

Floor-to-ceiling windows in all rooms provide stunning views of the sea and frame the breathtaking surroundings. Special attention was given to the selection of materials during the construction process. These materials are in a neutral color palette, emphasizing the lush greenery that surrounds the property. Ambient lighting creates a harmonious balance between the interior and exterior spaces. The lighting system is strategically placed throughout the villa using linear light elements, accentuating its unique architectural features.

Services we provided

  • Conceptual design & spatial organization
  • Execution Planning & Material Definition
  • Construction site supervision

Project associates

  • 2AMV (Construction permit acquisition)
  • Lara Gligić (Landscape design)

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