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135 m²

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The apartment design focuses on placing living and dining furniture in the center, allowing for socializing with extended family or friends. Custom-made white storage surfaces play a dual role, with closed cabinets creating a restrained atmosphere while highlighting the dining and living areas. Element can bi opened extending the space and adding a sense of homeliness. Different openings reveal functional kitchen and storage areas, along with collectible items.

The furniture pieces feature varied colors, materials, and designs, such as black tables and chairs, a green velvet sofa, and a gray armchair. White elements blend with the walls, creating a neutral background. The second floor incorporates a white office desk that doubles as a gallery railing, leading to bedrooms with warm wooden tones.

Services we provided

  • Conceptual design & spatial organization
  • Execution Planning & Material Definition
  • Execution control and supervision

Awards and recognitions

  • Big see interior design award 2019 - winner

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