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Before the renovation, the building had a compact floor plan, small window openings, and outdated furnishings. The owner's goal was to modernize the house, integrate it with the surroundings, and bring it up to contemporary living standards. The composition of the new front facade is kept restrained and simple. We enlarged and repositioned the windows, and a new terrace was added to the front of the house. The interior design features simple materials. The entrance hall is designed as a transitional space, allowing light to flow through with glass doors and providing a view from the kitchen into the natural surroundings. In the kitchen, a new window with recessed glazing allows for the extension of the countertop beyond the windowsill, creating a connection between the interior and the exterior of the building.

The centerpiece of the living space is the corner fireplace, which is surrounded by ceramic tiles. The staircase is a wooden structure placed along the edge of the space, leading to the upper floor. The renovation project aims to connect the interior living space with the green surroundings in which the house is situated. Despite its small size, the thoughtful design allows for comfortable living, providing just the right amount of everything one needs.

Services we provided

  • Conceptual design & spatial organization
  • Execution Planning & Material Definition
  • Execution control and supervision

Awards and recognitions

  • Listed among the 5 best residential renovation projects of 2020 in Slovenia.

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