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5200 m²

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The design of the mixed-use residential building in the heart of Ljubljana's historic city center exemplifies an approach to building placement within a narrow plot in a dense urban environment. By seamlessly integrating diverse functions within a single structure, the building promotes a vibrant and varied urban lifestyle. It offers a range of spaces, from lively public areas to meticulously designed apartments, creating a living environment that effortlessly accommodates residents' transitions from work to leisure and from private retreats to engaging social gatherings.

The urbanistic proposal embraces a compact volume concept, allowing for the creation of ample outdoor green spaces while maximizing the plot's tree coverage. This approach not only fosters a more pleasant and refreshing environment in the city center but also reduces unnecessary paving. The apartments within the building are thoughtfully designed with modularity in mind, empowering owners to adapt their living spaces to suit their evolving needs. The load-bearing construction enables easy joining or separation of units, providing flexibility for future modifications. Moreover, all apartments prioritize open floor plans and offer residents their own outdoor private spaces in the form of loggias, terraces, or atrium gardens.

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  • Urbano načrtovanje
  • Urbane študije
  • Študije izvedljivosti
  • Razvoj oblikovanja

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