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1500 m²

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The project is located in the heart of Croatian Istria and faces a unique challenge with an 11-meter height difference between the base and the top of the plot. Our proposal aims to address this challenge while maximizing the stunning panoramic view from the site. Instead of relying on extensive retaining walls, we have designed a modern residential complex that incorporates a concept of a wide concave excavation. This excavation serves as the central space, with service volumes positioned along its sides to form a functional and sturdy load-bearing wall. By doing so, we have created a pavilion-like design with an open floor plan, allowing for ample natural light and a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces through retractable windows.

The overall design of the project is a modern reinterpretation of traditional architecture. On the upper level, which houses the sleeping areas, we envision a spatial truss design that resembles a bridge-like construction elevated above the ground floor. This design choice creates an intriguing contrast between the open layout of the ground floor and the enclosed sleeping quarters above. Moreover, the upper volume is positioned at a distance from the terrain, providing additional north-facing atriums for olive growers. These atriums not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also allow for cross ventilation on the ground floor as they penetrate the building.

Services we provided

  • Design development
  • Construction permit acquisition
  • Execution planning
  • Construction site supervision

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